Monty Python too white for today's BBC uihew Moore MedireondentT guys who move to London n a nat Theyre even Church of England once The sketch show which television to denounce a diverse enough the BBCS nHele o ce sa oho sa resticulate Of course not same estimate Peter share thejokes feel quite familiar andit feels like you're not breaking any new ground or telling or a new story then like Monty Python that feature goes off at the hauled themselves on to starred Michaet Pain ls not bidge white blokes would not funny stimate hetn looks very tawa yu ponations head of comedy has to start aonder ronrlates have omedy stars from John Cleese and auit suceessful television carers James Marttéor e head of comedy said brand of comedy that modern eyes What you outraged prelates have by the BBCtoday the Headded Its about how originalthe yoice you have rather than what school of which are now more than 50 years old have many years of laughter Enic ldie to Stephen Fry and Hugh Lau- unveiled by the BBC Henry birthday special hosted by Sir Trevor McDonald and a lowe'en episode of Inside No 9 the hit their sell-by date Nowadays Monty honing their craft at Cambridge Comment live Hal- Footlights but thenational broadcaster Monty Python If the surreal brand of humoursilliness I wonder how 5o now looking for more diversity senes Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith from The Leugue of Gentlemen BBC Three has also handed three pilots to ri gave a break to Tim omedy doesn't age was groundbreaking and many well Ask any innovative back in the Sixties it doesn't look that age of 30 like me can sit through nonsense about Bill Oddie who went on to form The and Olivia Colman nd crave sketchh shows and sitcoms dies Other former members in actor Gags that must have way today As times have knights who say ni or a Hounslow Girtby Ambreen Raz- ia the Welsh coming-of-age story In My Skin by Kayleigh Peter Cook Emma Thompson had the groundlings splitting their sides back has lost the shock factor much more than a changed Monty Python dead parrot and raise ers had heard enough about the in the Bards day leave on which a lot of its and success depended It reflect that bishops of the James Marriott is metropolitan educated experience modern audiences stoney faced however hard the show Tash and EBie by Natasi Demetriou and Ellie Whit Last year the media res lator Ofcom told the BBC seems almost quaint to The Times vith a sense of place claimed Shane actors g llen controller of BBC comedy e who reflect modern world and have got something to say that's different and we haven't seen The show's stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb were both members of the Footlights comedy group at Cam His comments came as the BBC range of its led a seri mes fronted by female and ethnic es of new comedy pro- ge been told When you look at the ones recent comedies that have done well caster's shows as too tr tional and risk-averse Asked if the drive risked discrimina-It's about telling stories that havent ting against teenagers who happenedto win a place at Oxbridge Mr Allen in- fr Allen cited recent BBC Three etch show Fiamalam which has an all- ack cast orporation was giving a platform to sisted there was no class war ban on they've got a really specific sense of ewtalent Hesaid it had been 50 years posh people appearing on television place he said picking out award-win- t as an example of how the April that a row overal 35 Python which he de However he indicated that shows ning mockumentary This Country set s The Young Offenders in a deprived Cotswolds village and ducer-led gang show like Channel 4's acclaimed Peep Show pres resign ing to assemble a team about the lives of two middle-class BBC If a sitcom comes in about three ow it's not going to be six Oxbridge graduates who share a flat after uni about two miscreant Irish teenagers versity were not a priority for the BBC going to be a diverse <p><a href=httpfriendly-neighborhood-patriarchtumblrcompost175181203677nunyabizni-this-is-the-most-wrong-thing-i-have class=tumblr_blog>friendly-neighborhood-patriarch<a><p> <blockquote><p><a href=httpsnunyabiznitumblrcompost175181186232this-is-the-most-wrong-thing-i-have-ever-laid-eyes class=tumblr_blog>nunyabizni<a><p><blockquote><p>This is the most wrong thing I have ever laid eyes on<p><blockquote> <p>*pours myself a full pint of bourbon*<p><blockquote> Meme











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