Model Natacha Jaitt found dead after exposing paedophile ring httpshoneyninecomau» 9Honey Latest ▼ 18 hours ago - Model Natacha Jaitt was found dead in Argentina on Saturday after posting a desperate Twitter message warning that she may be in danger Natacha Jaitt Follow @NatachaJaitt AVISO No me voy a suicidar no me voy a pasar de merca y ahogar en una bañera no me voy apegar ningún tiro así que si eso pasa NO NO FUI Guarden tuit Translate Tweet 1206 PM-5 Apr 2018 14342 Retweets 31518 Likes e thefingerfuckingfemalefury fuckyeahwarriorwomen peachy-political uppityamy leviathan-supersystem “Notice I will not commit suicide I won’t be bought off or drown in a bath tub nor will I shoot myself in the head So if that happens I wasn’t me Save this tweet” According to the Buenos Aires Times there are now “unconfirmed reports” the mother-of-two consumed “excessive amounts of cocaine LSD and champagne” on Friday — the night she attended the event with a friend But while local news outlets have reported autopsy results showed Ms Jaitt suffered multiple organ failure with no sign of violence her brother claims she wouldn’t have taken drugs as they would have reacted to medication she had just started taking Reddit users also claimed pictures of Ms Jaitt’s naked body had been posted online shortly after her death before being hastily deleted Source Police arrived at the Xanadu event complex near the capital of Argentina where Jaitt was found unresponsive in bed After her death was confirmed police began investigating A coroner determined on Saturday that Jaitt died of multi-organ failure her body showed no signs of violence She was a widow and mother of two children Source check out this one to see the horrifying things Pope Francis is doing Read the above and not that her brother who helped her testify with the abused children is saying that there is no way she killed herself like this She was found overdosed and naked at a party that she was never supposed to go to at the first place They stole this woman’s dignity murdered her and orphaned her children Here is a list of people she exposed Pope Francis Gustavo Vera friend of Pope Francis Martín Bustos who ran pedophile ring Tomás Beldi lawyer who destroyed evidence vital to case Juan Manuel Díaz Vallone Managed the football players Alejandro Carlos Dal Cin Silvio Fleyta Leo Cohen Arazi Worked in Public Relations Spanish source for list English source for list note information on her is hard to find but she apparently made several other busts I just can’t find the names she released because fucking google is evil Significant links Here is an English source for the pedophile ring that she exposed Abuse tracker- an archive holding the church accountable Here are the 4chan users with information on the case Thread has interesting links and information Don’t forget what this woman did and what they did to her She knew she was putting herself at risk She knew she was going to die She didn’t care she wanted this story out She wanted the victims to see justice Remember this I so hope this person is still alive to expose literally everything Died 23 February 2019 Benavídez Argentina Born 13 August 1977 Buenos Aires Argentina Children Valentino Yospe Antonella Olivera <3 This woman was a hero <3 Meme











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