MENDING MATTERS STITCH PATCH AND REPAIR KATRINA RODABAUGH YOUR FAVORITE DENIM & MORE A Slow Fashion guide for a well-loved ward robe growingthings goingtiny I have degrees in costume design and textiles so I got mending through advanced mending as part of my higher education but there were both aesthetics and techniques that I found fresh in Katrina Rodabaugh’s MENDING MATTERS Make slow fashion one of your things in 2019 Whether you are brand-new or an old-hand at mending this book has simple instructions for practical fixes that make clothing more interesting and will help you get more mileage out of your most-favorite shirts and pants Great guides for patching differently depending on what part of the garment you are trying to fix and whether you want a visible repair or an invisible one It’s all drawn from the Japanese technique known as sashiko get down the basics and then adapt and apply in all the little ways that work for you I have some beloved jeans where I have completely burned through the upper inner thighs and they are about to get some mending love… Image description a photograph of the cover of ‘Mending Matters’ by Katrina Rodabaugh Under the title says ‘stitch patch and repair your favourite denim & more’ Below the title and text is a large pile of 7 folded denim jeans which have been visibly repaired in decorative ways with white thread Below them says ‘a slow fashion guide for a well-loved wardrobe’ Meme











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