Meet my new workout buddy @DrSmashlove A lot of u wanna date someone and complain that the person u with don't feel the same thing for u that u feel for them You love me but you don't love me the way I love you And this become the basis of discord and enmity between two lovers I would posit that people who feel this way got their expectations fucked up Let's take it back to the caveman The caveman loved the cave woman for the companionship and comfort she provided U feel me? After a long day of wrestling saber tooth tigers and dinosaurs with his bare hands bruh the only thing that could cool his ass off at the end of the day in that cold ass cave was the warm confines of the four walls of some soft cave woman Punani πŸ€— Similarly the cave woman engendered love in the heart of the caveman by rearing his chirren And she appreciated him shit I'm 5'3 I couldn't wrestle bears and shit alone This caveman low key got stink-bref but I'll let his ass breathe fire into my grill for the comfort of not having to watch my chirren being eaten alive 😍 <- women BEEN the smarter more reasonable-rational species πŸ˜‚ Fast forward to 2017 where we over-obsessed with equality and everyone want equality in EVERYTHING even emotions Do you crave me like I crave you? Do you think about me like I think of you? No good morning text huh ok GOOD NIGHT <- at 1103 am baby girl? What time zone u in? China? πŸ˜‚ And we expect all these feelings in an era where we done fucked up the relationship-responsibility paradigm Fully capable grown ass men be unemployed on the couch smoking weed eating Funyuns for breakfast playing PlayStation talmbout do u luh me baby - bruh - what is there to love - u ain even disabled - u just CHOOSE not to work - if the caveman were alive today he'd bust the door down on yo crib and strangle yo ass talmbout OOGA BOOGA - I AINT WRESTLE ELEPHANTS TO MAINTAIN THE BLOODLINE FOR THIS FUCKERY Ask yourself do u feel in your heart that this person loves u? Not exactly how u love them but in their own way? If yes then give it a chance Expect reciprocation sexually because he can control that Emotions can be faked but you're better off accepting the real thing Bless up πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ Meme


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