Me Somewhat later Today at 0722 So I was at church yesterday The pastor was talking about news this and that DM irl friendToday at 2012 He says And if any of you want you can go over there I'll perform ceremony on you two after the service there will be people to pray for you or lay I'll have NPCS made just for the occasion and extend the 2+ their hands on you AC for the duration of the honeymoon The only thing I can think about is Lay on Hands the Paladin ability Today at 2017 Online Player oh not where I thought that was going lol Today at 0724 I'm dying lol Today at 0725 A girl good friend of mine who I play DND with sitting next Player irl friend Today at 2017 to me I'm choking out español Turns to me and whispers Lay on Hands We both start laughing so hard but are trying to keep it in oday at 2018 since the pastor's still talking and everyone's quiet Bruh it's an amazing deal I'll even throw in 2+ AC on Legit we both thought the exact same thing at the same anniversaries henceforth time Hit me up when you've decided Twas hilarious Today at 2021 Today at 0727 neat I can't eve Online Player who's a dad irl And then they got married Today at 2023 Wait did I fast forward too far? Ask her to join MRPG now cause you two would be overpowered? Today at 1822 And so the hero married Today at 2024 I'm laughing so hard irl right now Today at 1822 Geez you sound like my dad Today at 2024 Lol we gottem boys Team Dad Today at 1823 Today at 2024 Updated my name Message Other Players and DM now want me to marry someone I play DnD with after a lighthearted anecdote Meme











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