*me on a first date* So black lives matter or all lives matter? ☝🏾☝🏽☝🏼☝🏿 Repost from our friend @thewayofwilson If you really know me You know I would say this✊🏾✊🏾 BlackLivesMatter To be honest the fact that Black people had to create an entire movement to acknowledge that their humanity MATTERS is troubling and extremely disheartening BlackLivesMatter is not stating that anybody's lives matter less or that Black lives matter more it's truly just recognizing that in the society we live in Black people are often seen as less than human for a multitude of reasons and thus treated inhumanely Additionally for people who say all lives matter as a response to BlackLivesMatter Do you respond that way at a Breast Cancer event? Do you say all cancers matter or do you recognize that this event is highlighting Breast Cancer? How about at an event focused on the issue of Economic Oppression do you say all oppression matters or do you recognize that this event is highlighting Economic Oppression? It's unbelievable that when Black people want to acknowledge the fact that their lives have VALUE people truly feel the need to argue and invalidate that fact BlackLivesMatter Now & Forever✊🏾✊🏾 • • • • • • • • BlackisBeautiful Undocumedia Instagram ShareThisPost RaiseAwareness SpreadConsciousness Meme

All Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter




Breast Cancer



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