marvel characters as john mulaney quotes vol 2 killmonger all right what am i gonna do today? i'll walk up and say hello no that's to0 subtle i'm gonna push him and i'm gonna say 'i'm new in town no no hold back save it build to that iron fist i was bullied for being asian-americanand the biggest problem with thatis that i am not asian-american clint barton my friend john who is now a father this man now has a baby he grabbed a 40 smashed it on the ground and yelled 'scatter! rhodey i don't like arguments some people like to arguei think it's because really ordinary arguments can get really dramatic really quickly mantis i had no standard for how i should be treated as a human being you could do anything to me i was just like a young motown singer just shiny and dumb was and easy to trick thor my dad loved us he just didn't care about our general happiness or self-esteem michelle the gym teacher would tell me to play kickball and i'd be like 'you want me to do what? peggy carter she definitely march into paris she always gives saw the nazis me this look of like 'oh the thingsi have seen you c*cksucker you have no idea rocket it's wrong to make fun of people but it's so fun sometimes loki you know how i'm filled with rage? i'm horny and angry all the timeand i have SO no outlet for it steve rogers where was i? i'm not gay but i might beand i have a girlfriend and she's a female person #movies mcu #character erik killmonger #character iron fist #character clint bartonhawkeye #cha See all 1155 notes I am very small And I have no money So you can imagine the kind of stress I'm under Meme



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