Love in fact determines nothing other than the composition of the future generations which in turn also will be relied upon for the establishment of innumerable generations afterward Since the existence of all these future generations is being conditioned by our sex impulse and the nature of which being conditioned by the selection done by an individual for his satisfaction of those impulses which means by sexual love it in every respect is irrevocably established When various degrees of love from a fleeting sensation to the most intense passion are analyzed all these varieties arise by the reason that the degree of individualization of the choice differs Love is considered highly important not in a reason for which one's well beingness is relying upon it but for the existence and special nature of the future human race which ought to be secured and thus the will of an individual can also appear as the will of the species in a higher aspect Being regarded as this sort of importance romanticize all these pathetic and sublime aspects of love-affairs making these elements transcendent There does not exist any subject which equals love in interest as love concerns both the weal and woe of the species as well as the rest of the individual which concerns only the welfare of themselves That is the reason why drama without love cannot be appealing as it should be but on the other hand the theme is never worn out despite being constant utilization in daily matters ל Like Comment Share Be the first to like this Can't read this because I don't have a galaxy alpha brain s Meme











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