Look I get your frustration But Americans do not get to say that they are always the ones getting insulted For a start Americans have a really fucking stupid view about people in the EU and primarily England and Britain I can't count how many times Americans have casually commented that we all either speak like we have a silver fucking shovel up our asses or like we've just come from sweeping a fucking chimney in Victorian London We enjoy Tea because it's a nice drink that's just become a staple in our country It's really not a big deal You laugh about how British culture is shit Yeah well at least we have one unlike America which seems to think that culture is claiming other cultures' people and places were somehow influenced by them and they apparently deserve praise You're not all great because you live in America and I haven't seen anybody claim the EU is much superior but it's these types of people that incessantly claim they're harassed about their nation online while doing the very same thing to us Oh and please I have no clue where this idea that we have terrible teeth comes from but it's false At least we fucking have free health care whereas in your country it's costs hundreds of dollars to hold your baby after it's born and where if you don't have a job a fucking IV bag has been known to bankrupt people And as for your misguided patriotism no nobody from Pakistan has come to your country to blow you up Gay people hideous slime monsters pretending to be people and televangelists are not the next prophets of God- the closest they'll get to heaven is in their private jet which they fund with money from millions of deluded christians I don't see that happening in many EU countries do you? And also- please stop harping on about your Independence from Britain We get it you break free your allowed to celebrate it but you are not your ancestors you never had to fight for that freedom in the same way that we are not ours- I can't name many people who want the British Empire back are not And yes when you browse reddit you do see those things Do you know why? Because they're fucking right No not everyone is obese but a good deal of your population is- there's no use sticking your head in the sand and while many other countries are to starting to have a growing problem with weight America you are one of the most obese countries out there You are very much a material nation and as such you also have and are known for your fast food chains You can't have your cake and eat it- Americans like you like to claim they're at the centre of almost every industry but if that's true then you have to suck it up and accept the fact that Americans will become overweight because you support such a huge chunk of the fast food business And as for mass shootings- what do you expect? Your country does have an issue- your gun laws are so lax as to be nonexistent and you have more shootings than any other country And really while nobody says war can't be lucrative let's be honest America joined the war for profit only It was England that first recognised the danger of the axis-we fought and died while you stayed home because we realised that what they were doing was wrong I didn't hear that Washington DC get half destroyed in a blitz-l heard that American reporters went into nazi Germany and saw no threat there And that FDR didn't even both to shake Jesse Owen's hand So while you can act like your country was so noble we now that it didn't give a rats ass about the threat it just wanted money So DO NOT spout this bullshit about Europeans and then go on to create a post like this Good day Reply trents_tech 24m You literally copy and pasted your post from another comment into here I get that you don't like America but don't go yelling at me when you were the one taxing us like crazy back in the 1760s Also I NEVER mentioned stereotypes on British people I just disproved some of your stereotypes You literally copy and pasted your post from another comment into here When you mentioned Pakistan and how we think they all come here to bomb us and no not on us everyone hates gay people that's ANOTHER steryotype about us We are not xenophobic or homophobic as a people Not everyone gets scared of muslims And when you say that a good deal of us are obese WE ARE WORKING ON IT Yes you guys are statistically working on it in recent years sugary food purchases have gone down Also we didn't step in WWII just for profit We stepped in when Japan bombed us Germany declared war on us just a day later Quit being a bigot and get off Reddit and find something else to do other than bully other people from different countries on the fucking internet Have a bad day vou bigot On a post about me ranting about Europeans being bigots You can check my history and I never mentioned British stereotypes Meme




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