Lierdumoa kaiavame Ikind of wish disneys -weird period- had lasted longer Like all of a sudden we were getting these films like lio & stitch and Atlantis and the emperor's new groove and treasure planet and they were so fun and DIFFERENT Just thinking about what the pitches for those movies had to have been like is sosurreal?? Alittle blue criminal alien crash lands on a Hawaiian island and gets adopted by two sisters dealing with social services that teach him about the value of family An inca emperor gets turned into a llama and john goodman helps him get back to his palace and one of the bad guys talks to squirrels Treasure island but in SPACE Like on the surface the premise for these films seem so random but they all TOTALLY WORKED IN REALLY GREAT WAYS??? idk ljust really miss that early 2000s spark of offbeat creativity in Disneys timeline Okay but the history behind this is so interesting? All these movies came from the Florida studio which for a long time was a backup animation studio that did work the main Burbank studio didn't have time for Then in 1996 Disney decided to focus all their energy on transitioning to 3D animation They acquired Pixar and started working on ABug's Life They basically told the Florida studio their only remaining full-time 2D animation studio Eeeeeeh do what you want And the Florida studio for the first time got to produce feature films Mulan 1998 Tarzan 1999 John Henn 2000 The Emperors New Groove 2000Afi Au ALlantis The LastEmpire 2001 Lilo Stitch 2002 Brother 2003 Then in 2004 Disney decided to stop producing 2-D feature films altogether They closed down the Florida studio and laid off all the Florida Studio animators Many of whom then got hired by Dreamworks That Explains Everything Disney's Weird Period Explained - Alternative Disney Meme



Emperor's New Groove




Lilo & Stitch




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