Letter 1 292018 Subject Letter 1 Date Mon Jan 29 2018 1000 am To whom it may concern My name is Alex Although I may not be your bartender tonight I sure do hope been Jason's bartender for the last decade As a ba You get the opportunity to meet all different kinds someday I'm able to be! I have of walks of life and learn how to read people very well Some in and out of your life while others you choose to keep around When you come across someone as rtender you get to know some people on a very deep level votten to know Jason really well everything from his taste in music work ethic and his le Jason's taste in music could be summed up pretty easy and this goes along with his personality as they styl should reflect each other he's got an old soul He enjoys a classical style of music that helps to promotes thinking relaxation and self-growth He's always been able to keep the bar in a good vibe as he picks the music on the jukebox He has always kept a job for an extended period of time He's well versed in bartending customer service in general welding and he is currently an electrician Jason is known to sport a fedora when it matches well with his jacket He's always been able to rock those black frame glasses and stand out as a particular handsome fella in a crowd One area that Jason has continuously impressed me is the way he has treated his past girlfriends and how deep and intimate their relationships were He has always been a stand up gentleman and communicated with them very well about anything from their relationship to how he feels about something happening in his life He isn't the kind of guy who's going to pay for everything for you He enjoys a woman that is self-dependent and knows what she likes and wants out of life But he is also willing to grow with you as you grow without jealousy regarding it Jason has always had a confidence and carried himself in that manner Jason over the years has spent his free time volunteering with the developmentally disabled I feel this is an important point to make because it transitions into so many different aspects of his life He's patient trustworthy logical and funny He has also had a few dogs over the years that were great dogs His most recent dog Sylvie is just the sweetest animal and very fortunate to have Jason as her owner especially with his tenderheartedness considering her previous owner ask Jason it's his story to tell I feel that this letter can really be summed up in a few sentences' Jason is one of the best people I've had the pleasure of calling my friend He's stands up for what he believes in makes good choices and treats people well overall Any woman who chooses to be in his life and he chooses to share his life with are extremely lucky in my opinion Kuddos to you for receiving this letter as you must be a very spectacular gall Cheers Alex O httpsmailaolcomwebmail-stden-usPrintMessage Friends first Tinder date She was handed this as soon as they met Meme











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