lampfaced roguesareth emeraldspiral roguesareth Do you want rabies? This is how you get rabies Is it really that big of a deal if your dog has autism? I need to reblog this again because no seriously R A B I E S -is basically not treatable once you start showing symptoms Straight up you will die and not in any kind of fun way We’re talking flu symptoms that develop into hallucinations severe hydrophobia partial paralysis and a slew of other shit -99% of rabies cases in the world come from stray dog bites EXCEPT IN THE US Rabies vaccines have nearly illuminated the threat from dogs Our biggest concerns are wild animals like raccoons skunks foxes and coyotes and feral cats -Rabies is extremely preventable by vaccines and nearly nonexistent in countries where the vaccine is widely available and taken advantage of -B U T if people stop VACCINATING THEIR DOGS and other animals that are susceptible like cats and farm animals like cows horses and goats we will likely see a rise in rabies cases among free roaming animals and BECAUSE we dont experience many cases because of vaccines and often people arent informed We know “rabies is bad” but that seems to be it in a lot of cases I’d wager a lot of people dont knownits transferable from animals to humans at all -Most rabies cases in humans are children under 15 V A C C I N A T E Y O U R A N I M A L S -brought to you by me who just did a research project on rabies for one of my MA classes I’m a vet tech and the way that we try to convince people into vaccinating their pets at our clinic against rabies is telling them that it’s a federally mandated vaccine and what happens should their animal bite someone if they have no current rabies vaccine on record Basically if your not-protected-against-rabies pet bites someone regardless of if they’ve ever possibly been exposed or not the animal needs to be tested How do you test an animal for rabies? You look at extremely thin slices of brain tissue And the only way to get that brain tissue is to euthanize and decapitate the animal and send the entire head to the state lab where they can process it Doesn’t matter why the bite happened or how bad it was or if the animal is completely healthy and doesn’t have rabies If skin was broken it has to be reported and the animal’s fate is out of your hands Rabies is goddamn scary Meme











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