l night to make Me staying up the worlds longest meme The driving test I have tomarrow Reddit Me taking the driving test Boad safety laws prepare to be ignored Me learning I failed the driving test The other kids at the driving school after learning I was the only one to fail My mom Me explaining how i stayed up all night to make a meme My sister learning that I've been grounded for failing my driving test her remembering she's also currently grounded Me running to school to see the boys on Monday The boys learning that I've been grounded called down to office durring p Me bei pals He savs he has a work opportunity for me Which will be held after school As part of Detention Me actually doing the work Slacking off for one and a half hours instead the principal learning I didn't do jack shit *ANGRY AS FUK* Me after learning I've been given another two detentions OK Me realizing I can just continue to slack off until the principal eventually gives up therefore having done no work 560 0168 09% 012 286 2286 14563 156 0287 WAStonks 01204 234 01902 NA The principal expelling me Me showing p two days l anted me Me being called down to the principals office on my first day back ah shit bere we go ogain he admits defeat claiming I've learned a valuble lesson Hoo! Woo Reddit users realizing I've told a consistent story over the course of 18 memes This is beyond science I made the worlds longest meme! 20 memes #news Meme











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