kudalyn unlessler I secretly wish someone would write coherent stories for the silly stuff I draw sometimes Let’s see what I can come up with! ———————- “Moustache really I wrote better lyrics for my song this time!” “Oh? You mean the song that sent all the swammi swans fleeing in fear when you hit the high notes?” The Once-ler pouted his bottom lip sticking out childishly “Oh come on It wasn’t that bad” He said plucking a very happy Pipsqueak from his leg and placing the little barbaloot on the bed beside the Lorax The Lorax huffed his giant moustache fluttering “Oh no it was bad I could swear you cracked some of your glasses with that last song How on earth can a guy so tall sing that high?” He said crossing his arms and raising one of his eyebrows The tall man blushed brushing out his shirt indignantly “I can sing so high because I’m gifted That’s why” He said turning on the spot and picking up his axe The Lorax flinched instinctively “Woah there Beanpole What are you gonna do with that?” He said pulling the oblivious and excited Pip closer to him protectively “Well I need a microphone don’t I?” The Once-ler smirked his wide grin flashing in the lamp light He raised up the axe to his mouth and propped one of his legs up on the footrest of his bed posing dramatically “Hey there folks thanks for coming tonight” He said with great bravado wiggling his eyebrows at his ‘audience’ Pip giggled excitedly and stood up trying to mimic the Once-ler as the Lorax merely sighed crossing his arms again with a frown “I promise I have a real treat for you tonight you won’t be disappointed!” The Once-ler said brushing his messy bangs off of his face “I like to call this little song… I Love Nature” Meme











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