krista 030 y@cherryblushed i used to read 3-4 full sized novels in middle school now i see anything longer than a paragraph and bounce i'll miss u brain cells can't believe u peaked at age 12 15918 104 pm 68 Retweets 238 Likes takingbackmyfirstamendmentrights dewdrop156 memecage It do be like that I was having a surprisingly good conversation with my sister recently and I was talking about how one of the reasons I don’t read as much as I used to is because I don’t have the same resources I did when I was a 4th grader When I was a kid I could sit and read all I wanted all I had to to was exist and go where people took me I didn’t have to feed myself or pay bills or keep track of things which of course now I have to deal with all of those things so I can’t read as much and tend to read pretty easy to read books My sister brought up the really good point that of course I want to read easy books I’m a young adult in a very tumultuous phase of life constantly being thrown new information my brain doesnt want a classical novel my brain wants something readable and immersive tldr don’t feel bad for not reading as much as you used to it’s okay Read what you can when you can and don’t stress about the rest But nowadays there are so many more resources for reading that you can gain access to Even though you’re busy and stressed out my life that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to strive to read whenever possible I’ve compiled this basic list of super accessible ways to read in the modern age1 LibbyLibby is a library app and it free to use If you have a library card which you can either pick up at a branch or online depending on where you live you put in your information and you have access to your library’s ebooks and audiobooks Generally you can check ebooks out for two to three weeks and it gives you the option to renew if someone isn’t waiting in line for that book or return early It’s super user- friendly If you want to scam the system a little bit a lot of libraries give you 30 to 60 days after making a card online to come in and actually get a physical card and show your ID If you are looking for a specific book that your library may not have make library cards at other locations with fake addresses and check out their supply I personally have about eight library cards so I always can find what I’m looking for unless it’s super rare 2 KindleWhile you can buy the actual Amazon e-reader you can also just use the free app There are a bunch of ebooks you can read for free or for a low price If you have Kindle Unlimited $10month you can borrow up to ten KU books at a time for as long as you want A lot of authors have KU books so it’s a good way to go 3 NookBarnes and Noble’s Nook is similar to the Kindle—comes in a physical e-reader but is also usable as a free app I will say I find that their selection generally costs more than Amazon’s selection but it’s an option if you prefer to stay away from Amazon products One thing they do sometime around the end of the year is send you out a refund check for all the books that you purchased through them that were at a higher market price then they would’ve been elsewhere I’ve gotten like three of these so I figure it’s a regular thing 4 AudibleFor people who are sight-impaired or have difficulty sitting down and reading a book audiobooks are SO the way to go When you sign up you can receive up to two free audiobooks and whatever plan you decide to go with gives you two free audiobooks a month from a specific selection in addition to your credits! If you have Kindle ebooks there is sometimes an option to purchase the accompanying Audible audiobook for a super discounted rate If you don’t like an audiobook you can call in to return it at any time I have something like forty or fifty audiobooks from them and I’ve exchanged another twenty These options are all in addition to physical books from your local library and discount bookstores The nice thing about ebooks is that generally they have the option to highlight and bookmark pages change the font size and type and even change the color of the page if you preferI always thought audiobooks were for old people until a few years ago when I was commuting about three hours a day for work I wasn’t reading nearly as much and as an avid reader that distressed me greatlyFinally I looked into audiobooks and it was a huge life changer Instead of wasting three hours a day in traffic I was reading for three hours a day that I would’ve otherwise not been able to Not only does it make a trip go faster but it makes it much more enjoyableAnd even if you don’t want it for the commute or for the gym audiobooks are a really good option for people who have vision problems I have migraines when I stare at screens too much so I pop on an audiobook and just crochet or do the dishes I have a friend who has very bad eyesight and he has not been able to read in something close to a year I set him up with a library card and a Libby account and all of a sudden he was able to catch up on all the books he had been wanting to read!I’m just saying I promote reading because no matter what you read you’re learning something Even though life is stressful and crazy and distracting there are still ways you can find to sit down and curl up with a good book “My brother has his sword I have my books And a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone” -Tyrion Lannister Meme



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