kayla renee Follow @kaybaeparker Long story short I got my racist Professor fired mid semester after she tried to sabotage me Then I wrote about it RETWEETS LIKES 682 1368 Imani Gandy e @AngryBlackLady Follow Dear white people Allyship is more than wearing a safety pin or tweeting Black Lives Matter If you read one thing today make it this kayla renee @kaybaeparker Long story short I got my racist Professor fired mid semester after she tried to sabotage me Then I wrote about it mediumcom@kaybaeparker RETWEETS LIKES 719 1303 princessnijireiki corvussy saturnineaqua ghettablasta Kayla Renee Parker shared her story of how she managed to expose her racist teacher who appeared to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing “She wears a safety pin so everyone knows she’s an ally for minorities Her cover photo has a Black power fist She regularly discusses her love for the Obamas the Black Lives Matter Movement and her admonishment for this current administration” However it wasn’t enough to hide her racism It all started with a simple question from a test The question stated “Historical research on African-American families during slavery shows that A Family ties weren’t important in African cultures where the slaves ancestors originated consequently family bonds were never strong among slaves B Two-parent families were extremely rare during the slave period C Black family bonds were destroyed by the abuses of slave owners who regularly sold off family members to other slave owners D Most slave families were headed by two parents So obviously Kayla chose C And it was incorrect According to the teacher the right answer was D The argument started when Kayla wrote her an email and respectfully provided the professor the evidence even directly from their textbook “However my Professor continued to argue that family bonds were not destroyed and that 23 of slave families were headed by two parents” The teacher cited Herbert Gutman sociologist who died in 1985 and surely took part in the whitewashing of Black history When they met to discuss the subject in person the professor gave Kayla books to read adding such statements as “This book would be good for you to read I believe it’s $6 so I could buy it for you if you’d like” The stated that she spent her whole life fighting for minorities and something like “I’ve got Black friends” When the girl was proving her opinion she heard more comments as “You’re talking to someone who has spent their entire life fighting for people of diversity and marched with my Black brothers and sisters” As the result the teacher asked Kayla to lecture the class on the topic and that was her fatal mistake Kayla took all her courage and made a presentation on the topic she was passionate about She defended Black people and Black history Here’s her presentation That was the point where the story should end but NO The professor obviously forgot about privacy settings on Facebook and posted offensive comments about Kayla The professor’s last words to Kayla were This time The University of Tennessee stood up for the student In July the teacher officially retiring from the university This is fucking insane The last paragraph of kaya’s story is everything To my Professor I forgive you for robbing me of my focus last semester I forgive you for calling my Father a graduate of Yale Medical School “educationally challenged” I even forgive you for threatening me However I do not forgive you for being willfully ignorant to the subjects you teach students I also do not forgive you for claiming to be an ally An ally is so much more than wearing a safety pin It also requires that you listen to the needs of Black people and respect the issues that we raise When a Black student raises a concern over the way you are portraying her history referring to all you’ve done for Black people doesn’t change the fact that you’re portraying slavery as some kind of slavery lite As an educator and as an ally you are not expected to know everything but this does not abdicate you from the responsibility of always continuing to learn- even from your students Additionally if you wanted to actually help Black men and women you’d value our words Unfortunately your actions simply mirror how America values Black people in today’s society This Black girl is a hero who overcame her fear and faced her teacher defending Black people and Black history #StayWoke #BlackPride #StopRacists this is why…white women…cant teach black people or people of color as a whole White supremacy has a long history of setting up white women to destroy people of color namely black and native people via education I was going through my old likes and decided to see if there was any updates in this story The professor was arrested for assaulting Kayla in a grocery store but the charges were dismissed by a judge on the condition Morelock has no further contact with Kayla I couldn’t find any more recent news on Kayla than what was said in the second link but I sincerely hope she wasn’t in any way negatively impacted because of the situation with Morelock especially since the second link says there were multiple other faculty members that defended Morelock… this is why I do not and never will like white educators Morelock also continues to post about Kayla on her public Facebook but probably for ongoing legal reasons still can’t or won’t name her directly You can’t underestimate people’s hatefulness & the depth of their vindictive and petty fixations out here— even & especially people in a position of power over you with the potential to harm you “ally” or no And Kayla seems to be doing well! Her FB page says she became a Director at Amnesty International and has just moved forward to become a Canvass Director for Careorg Folks will try to block your blessings and drag you down to their hater-ass level in the mud but you gotta fight & keep on shining ☀️ Meme



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