Kara @karawrite On behalf of I dunno EVERY FAT KID IN the USA I'ma go ahead and call BS on the whole bullying creates mass shooters narrative LGBTQ kids kids of color disabled kids poor kids girl kids are bullied Who's doing the shooting? White boys whose parents don't secure their guns 52218 1040 PM 39 Retweets 106 Likes shanlad redmachasacorns Not a single lie in sight…… Hello college grad that actually wrote an award winning paper on this topic! Here’s some knowledge I’d like to share There’s actually been studies as to why it’s usually white kids a large conclusion amongst the criminology community is that those that often have more privileged lives white kids in our society’s case are less adept to dealing with stress and denial Whereas minorities and others are more likely to cope and function normally despite stressors because of the constant stressors that come from systematic racism andor other platforms of more limited priviledge TLDR It’s usually a white kid because their privilege incacipated their ability to learn how to handle stress denial whatever without acting out The less privileged are done used to the bs and thus typically dont turn to extreme measures as coping mechanisms EDIT I had reblogged this and added a link to the paper which I should’ve done to begin with but it’s probably best I just edit my original reblog and add the link which I also should’ve just done already Anyway it can be found fully sourced here Meme











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