Justin McElroy @JustinMcElroy OK I've been drinking a little bit it's been a big day so l'm going to leave vou with the most valuable thing l ever heard 42618 940 PM 67 Retweets 561 Likes Justin McElroy@JustinMcElroy 10m I was at a bar I think it was Hank's you know on 4th Ave? And I was talking with Bob Thompson who plays piano for Mountain Stage which is a great public radio show He was talking about when he was trying to get his career started playing a demo for a big record label 110 244 Justin McElroy @JustinMcElroy 7m The label rep let the demo finish and said This is great and I can't do anything with you Bob was understandably confused and asked for an explanation 184 Justin McElroy @JustinMcElroy 6m The label rep said This is great but I know five people I could call up right now and play this exact demo Find the thing that only you can do and then I HAVE to work with you 267 Justin McElroy @JustinMcElroy 4m Reader I probably don't know you But I there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty I know way deep down in my bones that there is a record only you can play Figure out what that record is play it and they have no choice but to listen O 20 147 503 Justin McElroy @JustinMcElroy 3m It may not be perfect it may not even be good but you've GOT to play it because you're the only one who can 4 198 nightingemJustin McElroy is one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever seen and his words are so incredibly powerful I’m crying right now Meme

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