JURASIRC PARK MATRIX TWISTER MATRIN lBMIB SPEED TWISTER TWISTER TWISTEMLB MEB MB fuckyeah1990s inyourheadtheyrestillfighting fuckyeah1990s sailorxnibiru fuckyeah1990s show-them-all fuckyeah1990s misfitreindeer fuckyeah1990s mvessick fuckyeah1990s i still have hella VHS tapes no one even cares i should just throw them in the trash Hell if you don’t want them I’ll take them they’ve been in my closet for a year just taking up space… i seriously want to get rid of them now why do you have so many copies of the same videos …more??? o_O i literally have like 200 copies of Forrest Gump on VHS BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY WE WANT ANSWERS ok… fine… last year like in the fallwinter i was driving around to every thrift store in my city like probably 30 thrift stores and i would buy every VHS copy of Forrest Gump Jurassic Park Sister Act Men In Black Star Wars Episode 1 The Matrix Space Jam Speed and Twister i could find… i have like 100 copies of each at least 200 of some…whatevs… like i was going through a lot of heartbreak this girl totally broke my heart and it was so comforting driving around the entire city listening to Apples In Stereo and Guided By Voices and chillin buying VHS tapes It gave me something meaningless and ridiculous to occupy my time with opposed to just being in my room depressed But I’m over the girl that broke my heart its been awhile and I do have a new girlfriend and shes amazing and I was like “So I own over 200 copies of Forrest Gump on VHS I mean I really like you and I can see us going somewhere and I think its important to be honest I have an absurd amount of VHS and thats not going to change I mean ever Like I’m going to own these VHS tapes until I’m dead Ok fine if the tapes do bother you like I’ll get rid of them… but like you’ll have to explain to my followers why… im doing it for you I know we don’t know each other that well this is crazy but like you’re so cool and you’re so great that i would give up my VHS tapes for you” and she was like “90s relax having that many VHS tapes is kind of sketch but I’d never tell you to get rid of them” then one night we were in my room watching Game of Thrones on HBOGo and we start making out until shes like “90s I can’t do anything in here the VHS tapes sketch me out” and I was like “Are u serious?” and she was all “Dead serious” and I was like “Like 2 girls on tumblr have said they’d want me to fuck them on top of a pile of Forrest Gump VHS tapes like you should be so turned on” and she was all “90s this is real life not your tumblr ask box literally no one in the world would want to be fucked on top of a pile of Forrest Gump VHS tapes” and I was like “I don’t want to fuck on top of Forrest Gump tapes anyway like do you feel this mattress right now its like a Serta its so comfortable This is a premium deluxe mattress” Meme


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Forrest Gump

Game of Thrones


Jurassic Park

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