Jesuswhat's she weign in at buck 90 200? Renaissance women weren't forced to starve themselves into an anorexic fashion na uStry marketing version of female sexuality celticpyro fandomsandfeminism sofiama cr1mson5thestranger rosietheamazon deadhoneybadger Yeah that’s why they all died at 30 because they were so unhealthy but cool Pretty sure it was the plague not heart disease Pretty sure it was the Plague childbirth food spoiling maltreated infections smallpox pneumonia andor generally unsanitary living conditions such as dumping sewage and waste in the streets and not health conditions caused by excess body fat Not to mention that the Renaissance standard of female beauty being plumpness and full-figured forms came from the fact that it was a status symbol Plump pale full-figured women were wealthy women who didn’t have to spend their days in hard labor or raising children or both and stood a better chance of bearing healthy babies than commoner women did Cultural “Oh Snap” I hate it so much when people pull out the “unhealthy” excuse for having a reason to body shame a person “Women died young in the 1700s because they were fat” is an amazingly ignorant statement Okay that one response was dumb but first of all there’s absolutely no way the woman in that painting is 190-200 lbs unless she’s on the taller side Yeah Renaissance women were full-figured but they weren’t obeseSecondly it was a beauty standard because it was a sign you were rich enough to eat a lot and not have to work off the extra calories So it wasn’t that women typically looked like that it was an equally unrealistic standard back then as it is today because most women didn’t have the means to put on extra weight unless they were filthy rich But hey let’s glorify beauty standards when it personally benefits you right?Third you’re really gonna put someone down for body-shaming when the woman painting is also body-shaming? Anorexia is a mental disorder not a body type and if you conflate the two you’re body-shaming Using “anorexic” as a synonym for “skinny” is basically the same as using “diabetic” as a synonym for “fat”So in conclusion this whole post is garbage It’s like when they try to label Marilyn Monroe and other of her contemporaries as “plus size” Just stop She was curvy yes but she was absolutely not anything approaching the modern concept of “plus sized“ or obeseOne of these things is not like the other Meme

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