ITI esthert Showers tonight Sanny lessan MEN LAND ON MOON 2 ASTRONAUTS AVOID CRATER SET CRAFT ON A ROCKY PLAIN Voice From Moon Bleak Rocky World Eagle Has Landed' Seen From Module EAGL e lunar module Houston Tranquility OIN NOBLE WILFORD Dase here The Engle has landed HOUSTON Eagle we copy 20-Men landed moan today a bunch of guys about to turn blue steered their Eastern daylight time Houston Tranquility Base here The Eagle has landed breathing again Thanks a TRANQUTLITY BASE Thank historic landing TRANQUILITY Bs ooldng good here HOUSTON Eagle smooth touchdown IThe first earth control room here lunar operationJ Over reach the moon-Mr Armstrong TRANQUILITY BASE Roger Stay s co-pilot Col Edwin E Aldrin3 HOUSTON Roger a level rock-strewn n near the south- western shore Howd Rogerenting read me? They looked out their windows upon a bleak world landed Tranquility with Base Eagle i Tranquility I read you horizon behind them chill ong lunar night hills before Colonel Aldrin said that he could see literally thou- Shapese distance lders small c COLUMBIA the command and service module Yes I heard the whole thing COLUMBLA Faood show TRANQUILITY BASE I'Il second that sands of small craters and ariety of ARMS L most impressed initially APOLLO CONTROL The next major stay-no stay rocks and 2 event That 1 where the landing craft code-named Eagle had s initiation of power descent <p><a href=httpsphotos-of-spacetumblrcompost158584068207found-a-bit-of-history-today class=tumblr_blog>photos-of-space<a><p> <blockquote><p>Found a bit of history today<p><blockquote> Meme











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