IThoughts are with you and your family Like Reply 1 4 hrs Thank you just so hard this time of year for us 4 hrs Like ReplyO 2 4 hrs Can't believe in a few days time it will be 16 years since those evil bastards took you away from us there's not a day that goes by were i don't remember you and miss you you were the best big sister and I hope that you're looking Write a reply CIF didn't know your sister was Katy Perry lol down on me today and that you're proud I just wish we were back in our rooms again playing ps1 and eating pizza I know time will heal but even still Like Reply 39 3 hrs what? 16 years have passed and i still feel broken I love you Amy rest in peace up #september11th #neverforget #sisterbondsareforever Like Reply 3 hrs there come on don't play stupid Like Reply 7-3 hrs This is an old picture of Katy Perry when she was young you found it on google and made up this whole thing for likes how sad and pathetic and just heartless so disrespectful to people who have actually lost people in the attacks idiot Like Reply 56-3 hrs What the fuck are you even talking about? Me being disrespectful? Your the one on my status telling me I'm a liar that picture is my sister you stupid bitch considering we have it framed in our house so I don't know why the fuck you'd think it was Katy perry go to hell along with your stupid unwanted opinions Like Reply 2 2 hrs K katy perry young Q katy perry young MAGES voos Like Reply O 62 2 hrs Maybe next time don't use a famous celebrity's photjkfdo to play the role of your dead sister Like ReplyO 20 2 hrs Write a reply GIF fucked up big time Imao Like Reply 6 1 hr Like OComment How shit must your life be if you feel the need to lio about a family momher dvina in 011 damn Her Sisters Katy Perry Meme




Katy Perry






I Love You

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