iPad 1843 Q Search for people places and things I have an IQ of 196 and am seeking a roommate of my same mental capacity with whom l can engage in casual conversations about quantunm mechanics and theoretical astrophysics I am smarter than 99% of the people l encounter however being as insanely smart as I am can be quite a burden For instance I can never win arguments because the reason I'm right is too complex to explain within the attention span of my opponent Alas nobody understands my plight I often stay up at night reading Chaucer and contemplating the repercussions of false philosophy I love astounding everybody in the library by finishing a 419 page novel in just under 100 minutes I am also a passionate artist and musician Just earlier I heard a door squeak a melodic minor 7th something only a true musician would realize Last night I wrote a poem while in a club Of course l of all people would stop dancing in the middle of a dance floor at 1130 at night and start to ponder about the decay of our society How disquieting the institution of superficiality in contemporary culture is We exist in a zeitgeist bastardization of those principles our forefathers strove to exemplify If you're going to be my roommate you must enjoy classical enchanting tunes not the talentless computerized sounds that the modern generation listens if you can even call it that to You must also agree with me on the following points The black race holds itself back and is not being held back by other races The middle east needs to go Gender identity issues are a mental illness You 100% can work your way out of poverty people who think otherwise are just lazy and thus show why they are in poverty If you meet all of my qualifications I will potentially consider you as a possible roommate PS I could have gotten more intellectual with my profound vocabulary but decided to dumb it down so that your lesser minds could fully comprehend the meaning of my words Like Comment 25 people like this View previous comments Came in the club and a wrote a poenm Write a comment Post deniablesmiles alexanderWhen college kids go too far What in hell??? up in da club like whattup i wrote a poem Meme











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