In Honor of Black History Month BLACK INVENTORS DATE PRODUCT Air Conditioning Unit Auto Cut-Off Switch Auto Fishing Device Baby Buggy Biscuit Cutter Blood Plasma Bag Chamber Commode INVENTOR Frederick M Jones Benjamin Banneker Granville T Woods George Cook William H Richardson Alexander P Ashbourne 1889 1875 1945 ew Thomas Elkins George T Sampson Samuel R Scrottron William S Grant Osbourn Dorsey Osbourn Dorsey Willie Johnson Lewis Latimer Alexander Miles Powell Johnson Joseph W Winters Thomas Marshall Leonard C Bailey Nathaniel Alexander Walter B Purvis David A Fisher Garrett Morgan George T Grant Robert F Fleming Jr Lydia O Newman Walter B Purvis Alfred L Cralle Albert C Richardson Sarah Boone Frederick J Loudin Michael C Harvey John H Smith John Thomas White Washington A Martin Elijah McCoy James Robinson Paul L Downing Thomas W Stewart George W Carver John L Love Joseph H Dickinsorn John W Reed Charles Orren Bailiff Edmond Berger Thomas A Carrington Curtain Rod Support 1878 Egg Beater Electric Lamb Bulb Eye Protector Fire Escape Ladder Fire Extinguisher Folding Bed 1867 1878 1899 ir Fountain Pen Furniture Caster 1878 1899 1898 1897 Hand Stamp Insect Destroyer Gun Key Chain Lawn Sprinkler 1897 Lemon Squeezer 1893 Lubricating Cup Мор Peanut Butter Pencil Sharpener Record Player Arm Shampoo Headrest Spark Plug Stethoscope Straightening Comb Street Sweeper Phone Transmitter Thermostat Control Traffic Light 1898 1876 1905 Madam C J Walke Charles B Brooks Granville T Woods Frederick M Jones Garrett Morgan Matthew A Cherry 1960 1923 1886 ric fabulous-ich bigboobiesliddlebooty dwalker509 slydeany ibepostn #TRUTHINESS Celebrate Black History Month… Repost And not just peanut butter Keep in mindthis list is very short and not complete at all Meme

Black History Month










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