I'm currently screaming @Dr Smashlove So my homegirl was texting a dude from tinder He said some shit that made her rethink whether or not she liked him and cancelled plans Homeboy sent a bunch of nasty texts ending with MAYBE YOU SHOULD PUT YOUR REAL AGE ON YOUR PROFILE AND CHILL WITH ALL THE MAKE-UP A couple observations 1 Lemme get this straight U men wanna text a bunch of girls u met online waste their time never link up but if a girl wanna cancel plans which is her God damn right u wanna get tight about it Ok πŸ€” 2 What do y'all think is accomplished with these rants? Like is it suppose to make her change her mind? You know what thank you I am indeed old And by golly I wear excessive amounts of make-up Maybe you can teach me to be a better human Mike I'd like to retract the cancellation Let's meet at 8 pm Perhaps you can impart further wisdom upon me HELL TO THE FVCK NAH πŸ˜‚ She gon screen shot your crazy ass and share it with her homegirls along with pics of your small PP having ass With that said be respectful First because it make u a good human Second - and this is what u may not realize - u actually have a second shot Check back in four months By then she deleted u Hit her on a Saturday night like yo! U out? And she like lol new phone sorry!! Who's this? And u say it's Mike We met on tinder a few months ago but never got around to linking up πŸ™ƒ She'll wait exactly two mins and 45 seconds and then say ah I forgot what you look like 😬 can u send a pic DO NOT SEND A PIC FROM YOUR PROFILE Send the best pic u have that's chill and doesn't imply douchebaggery If your lil sister is cute send a pic with her She be like aye he has a sister Dudes with sisters can't be serial killers? I shaved the Punani and Bill bailed on me - fuck it let's give 'Stranger Mike' a shot U will be know to all her friends as 'Stranger Mike' FYI Like you'll come out to the living room in boxer briefs and her roommate Alyssa will be like 'Stranger Mike what's up STRANGER ol stranger-danger lookin ass 😝' You'll even be 'Stranger Mike' at the wedding And now u in a good marriage BECAUSE U KEPT IT G MIKE BLESS UP πŸ™Œ Meme

Bless up










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