I'd sather hauepizzo and watch amovie Come on just this once You if you Ikeco pestering Mee Too bad 'm not euerybadie What could it hurt? Everybody's doing it loved you on Blo-Ray- tönd em arre Istaros olankly unti Ipartner me you'd buy meSupernetural If you loved me you'd let me I promise we'll use a condom every time act urconmfortdoc and leauest No one ha toknow if Imurder yoU No one has to know 3piders needleslwasps clouns healts murdeters What are you afraid of? Don't you love me enough to have sex with me tarts twitchng wildly moking Cnckonnasesand flaps arm3 Newingsk Not with you You're just chicken Don't you want to know what it's like? Id thinkk iid remember 3omethi na l ke that Tes I'm y tesbiano Everyone knows you've done it before boys Maybe you just don't like girls Olay bye You shauld take a bath thm just to pesure Put out or get out I'm clean I promise karcrazy emikafett In health class today we got a “what should you say back to somebody who tries pressures you into sex” worksheet This is what I wrote And below what it says in case you’re having trouble with the picture or reading my handwriting“Come on just this once” - I’d rather have pizza and watch a movie “What could it hurt?” - You if you keep pestering me “Everybody’s doing it” - Too bad I’m not everybody“If you loved me you’d let me” - If you loved me you’d buy me Supernatural on Blu-Ray Hand ‘em over “I promise we’ll use a condom every time” - *stares blankly until partner gets uncomfortable and leaves*“No one has to know” - No one has to know if I murder you“What are you afraid of?” - Spiders needles wasps clowns heights murderers…“Don’t you love me enough to have sex with me?” - No“You’re just chicken” - *starts twitching wildly making chicken noises and flaps arms like wings*“Don’t you want to know what it’s like?” - Not with you“Everyone knows you’ve done it before” - I’d think I’d remember something like that“Maybe you just don’t like boys” - Yes I’m a lesbian“Put out or get out” - Okay bye “I’m clean I promise” - Maybe you should take a bath then just to be sure DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW FUCKING BRILLIANT THIS IS OH MY GOD Meme






oh my god





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