Ibuprofen Mlerin Ail Acetaminophen Aspirin* Bayer Bufferin Naproxen Aleve Brands Tylenol Headaches Migraines Fever Reduction NSAID ReducesYes inflammation? Menstrual cramps Not very good Best uses Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes es Yes Good Least effective Headaches and Pain caused by Long lasting pain Cold & flu and minor body aches inflammation and migraines Harsher on the stomach than ibuprofen headaches Digestive effects Upset stomach tHilet Very mild heartburn and indigestion Can cause heart Stomach problems Easy to accidentally linked to Reye's problems disease in children are very common overdose Can cause liver damage Liver Kic Inc Less harsh on the Lasts longer than Safer for stomach Great if other pain relievershemophiliacs you have ulcers or 2x longer acid reflux Kiceic Broken down in Kidne Benefits Can treat and prevent heart disease children and those with aspirin allergies Canbx ik wiih NSAIDs Cannot be taken together **Reduces inflammation Inhibits cyclooxygenase to reduce amount of prostaglands Not to be substituted for medical care underwaterfraulein death-g-reaper empressofthelibrary secretlifeofateenblogger-blog I keep forgetting what the differences are in the over the counter pain relievers so I made a handy chart This Is Important I always had really really horrible growing pains as a kid Like I clearly remember being curled up on the floor crying because it felt like some evil person had stuck a fork in my calf and was twisting it around like spaghetti Mom always had me take ibuprofen for it and when that didn’t do anything she just gave me more Now the stuff barely works on me even when I take it for the things it actually fixes Please please double-check to make sure you’re taking the right medicines for your pain My mom always gave me tylonel for period cramps as a kid and it never did anything It’s nice to know now that she was literally giving me the least effective option And please PLEASE note that as the chart says acetaminophen “can be taken with NSAIDs” which means you can take Tylenolacetaminophen AND one of the other listed pain-relievers My mom has been a doctor for 40+ years and her standard advice for headaches is take two regular-strength Advil and then if that doesn’t work ALSO take two regular-strength Tylenol Meme











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