iamcon-fu-sion archivistofnerddom shipperwolf1 brunhiddensmusings fierceawakening guyveranimefan87 eric-coldfire eldritchgentleman cruxofargon the-critical-feminist cishetwhiteoppressor Finally a sane celebrity who doesn’t bend the knee to feminist bullshit Source My god I love her I know people are gonna get salty af about this but by God she’s RIGHT When Brad Pitt did Fight Club he was cutting weight for every single scene to maintain his physique at 155 I’ve you’ve ever cut weight you know how horrible that must have been He did it because they needed a “look” Changing Tatum said his Magic Mike body doesn’t last for more than five days He starved down and dehydrated his already fit physique for a “look” The male soldiers on Spartacus Blood and Sand were eating pretty much chicken and veggies for every meal to maintain a “look” Why is this such a big deal? Because all these characters are considered physical goals for men These are actual unobtainable physical standards for men Male body image issues get swept under the rug so often that some people don’t even think they exist You want proof? Just check out that scene in Captain America First Avenger where Cap just transformed into that beautiful beefcake of a man Agent Carter’s actress just HAD to touch them muscles it was completely unscripted Chris Evans had to wear shirts so small they physically hurt and he dislocated a shoulder during the helicopter scene in Civil War But who cares girls got to wet their panties watching Captain America flex If we are talking about unrealistic physical standards of male fitness given to us by movies I would like to mention Hugh “Wolverine” Jackman here Yeah he is ripped isn’t he? Well it is true but to get that kind of definition he went through 36 hour period of dehydration which caused him to temporarily lose 10 pounds of “water weight” Thus during the fight scene he was filming he was a hair breadth from blacking out whole time just to look unrealistically muscular As he said during interview with Steven Colbert “If You go three days without water You will die Then when You are halfway there they shout ‘Roll it!” It’s the same with professional bodybuilders who get into periods of extreme fasting and dehydration to lower their fat-to-muscle ratio to inhuman levels all in hopes of making their muscle definition a bit better According to experts healthy body fat percentage for a healthy male ranges from 8% to 20% depending on height lifestyle and numerous other variables Fitness model and professional bodybuilder Helmut Strebl also known as “World’s Most Shredded Man” as he supposedly managed to get his body fat percentage below 5%… … But only when he partakes in competitions since it is not humanly possible to live with such low fat percentage of one’s body for longer periods of time I mean yeah he keeps a draconian training regime as well as a very strict diet even off-season but looks much more human then… There are documented cases of incredibly fit and muscular bodybuilders fainting on the stage in the middle of their flexing routines as well as several who outright died because of cardiac arrest caused by their blood becoming too thick due to long dehydration… And let’s not forget about Muscle Dysmorphia colloquially known as “Megarexia” or “Bigarexia” httpsenwikipediaorgwikiMuscle_dysmorphia Yeah it’s a thing but it’s barely talked about since it’s apparently not manly to admit to having problems like that which also creates problems with researching this particular disorder… So… Thanks Hollywood? I had no idea that most people who looked like this are dehydrated until I read posts like this dehydrated to the point theyre about a day away from actual organ failureokay so chris hemsworth is a absolute god of a man but hollywood says ‘thats not good enough’ and for the thor movie he has to spend several days having the juice squeezed from his body untill he looses about a gallon of whats supposed to be him so that he can do 2 days of shooting scenes without his shirt after which he has to have recovery time before he is hospitalized because i am not joking about ‘one day away from organ failure’thats the benchmark- look at chris hemsworth and process that he is told he isnt suitable for a shirtless scene without prepping for three days and nearly fainting real feminism acknowledges the unhealthy standards that men are held to radfems brush them off as non-existent guys feminism is for you too it’s for all of us Unrealistic body images helps no one and actively hurts men too!! since the discussion of that they put henry cavill through for the witcher is floating around my blog i want to add this too one of the reasons producers get away with this in men and no one criticizes it is because we are fed the lie that this body type is 1 attainable and 2 healthy We know starving women down to skinniness is unhealthy but you see an overmuscled man and you don’t immediately think dehydration Remember when people shat all over Adam Driver because even though he’s clearly muscular he didn’t have ridiculously toned abs in that one shirtless scene from TLJ because heaven forbid he decided not to deprive his body of vital nutrients just to look like a Greek sculpture? Oh! And remember that dumb take about Jason Momoa “letting himself go“ and “having a dad bod“ because of that one candid beach picture where he had his normal healthy layer fat instead of his toned GoT physique? Good times Meme

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