I will have to say thank you for all your help You may not know it but my friend Gwendolyn from a long time ago would get bullied and picked on because she had physical and emotional problems So bad that she would get so stressed that in 5th grade she pulled all her hair out then in 6th grade was bullied because she wore a hat to cover it up She would have brake downs a lot but you've always made her happy Besides me from 1st to 6th grade you and me where her only friends- even if you didn't know it I moved in 6th grade and lost all contact with her and I don't know how she's doing bit I'm sure as all hell she's still watching you video's So if you could at least see this and have it in a video to let her know that I'm still here and I still care about her I would love that I miss her a lot and hope she is doing ok You where the best to her when we where younger This year I will be graduating from high school and just knowing she's alright would be the best Graduation gift Even if you never see this at least it's in the subreddit- so if you see this- Hi! It's me I know it's been a couple years but I love you! And I beleive you can do great in life I'm transgender so if this sign off is strang that is why She doesn't know it- well she does now From your dear Friend Penny From your 2011 viewer Patryk Dear Pewds I don't think this is violating rules Meme









I Love You

Thank You

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