I DID NOT KNOW THE WAY TO MOSQUE islam everyone An emotional true story of the Mercy of Allah MS from Saudi Arabia tells us his story He says ” I did not know the way to mosque even though my father was a sheikh who taught Quran The wealth that was easily available to me corrupted me and kept me far away from the path of Allah Then Allah willed that I should have a car accident and I lost the ability to walk completely The doctors confirmed that there was no clear reason for his handicap except that nervous shock had destroyed my ability to move One day I was on my way to meet my new friend the wheelchair to which I moved as soon as I left my car which had been adapted for use by the handicapped Before my brother put me on my wheelchair the muezzin gave the call to Maqrib prayer His voice was beautiful and suddenly touched my heart moving me deeply It was as if I was hearing the Adhan for the first time in my life and I wept My brother was surprised when I asked him to take me to the mosque so that I could pray with the congregation Many days passed as I was praying regularly in the mosque Even fajr prayer I did not miss Despite my instense suffering I decided never to turn away from the path of Allah the Exalted One night before fajr prayer I saw my father in a dream he had risen from his grave and patted me on my shoulder while I was weeping and said to me ”O my son do not grieve for Allah has forgiven me because of you” I felt very happy because of the good news and I went to pray and prostrate to Allah in gratitude I saw the dream several times Years went by and one morning I was praying Fajr prayer in the mosque next to our house I was sitting in a wheelchair at the end of the first row and the Imam began to recite a long supplication Du’a al Qunoot I was deeply moved by his supplication my tears rolled down and I felt my body trembling and my heart leaping from my chest I felt death was close at hand I calmed down suddenly and completed my prayer After I said the Salam I felt strength flowing through my body that I had never felt before πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Meme

A Dream










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