I can build an inpenetratable wall around Asgard Only thing I want as payment is the goddess of love Freya Okay everybody calm down This isn't the first time a jotun wanted me for his bride I'm used to this problem by now and we just gotta- and the beautiful Sun and sexy Moon YOU WANT ME AS PART OF A HAREM!!?!?! I'VE NEVER BEEN SO DISRESPECTED!!!! systlin would-we-be-friends-if-i thehmn In case you don’t know this story the Norse gods wanted a wall around Asgard to protect themselves and a jotun only known as The Builder offers to make it in exchange for Freya Sun and Moon Freya gets rightfully pissed and refuses no word on Sun or Moon’s feelings about this so Loki turns into a female horse and lures The Builder’s horse away causing all work on the wall to stop Because he can’t finish the wall The Builder has to leave without Freya Sun and Moon Loki disappears for 9 nine months and returns with an eight-legged foal yes he had sex with the horse and got pregnant I know you all love that part The end For some reason people often leave out that The Builder wanted Sun and Moon too and English translations often translate it to “the sun and moon” as if he wanted the heavenly bodies but no he wanted the goddess and god responsible for said heavenly bodies He absolutely intended to have sex with all of them which is why a lot of translations leave out Moon because ew that’s gay Freya didn’t want to marry a Jotun let alone as part of a god damn harem me thinks Hoooold up are you telling me the Sun is female in Norse myth? Cuz its usually male across other mythology Yep Mani is the god of the moon and Sol is the goddess of the sun in Norse myth Meme

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