How TO GIVEA DoG A PIL opyrighted Material Sit on the floor in front of your dog Place smaller dogs on your lap How to Clean Dog Poop Off a Shoe 2 Grasp the dog's head using your nondominant hand Be firm but not harsh Place your hand on top of the muz- zle with your thumb on one side and fingers on the other 3 Raise the dog's nose Squeeze firmly behind the canine or eye teeth until the jaw opens Place the pill between the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand Use the hand's other three fingers to open the lower jaw further Use a stick to scrape out poop from beneath the tread of your shoe 5 Place the pill far back in the dog's mouth Close the mouth Tilt up the chin Keep the mouth closed and stroke the throat to help with swallowing BGive the dog a treat BE AWARE! Blowing on the nose may stimulate the dog to swallow Hiding the pill in peanut butter or some other treat the dog covets is the easiest way to administer a pill However some canines become quite adept at eating the treat and leaving the pill Use your band to keep the dog's mouth closed after placing the pill in bis mouth Drag sneaker though grass or over edged curb Dip shoe bottom into park fountain Page 27 Dry the dog Emergency Rain Gear 7 Repeat washing if necessary This treatment can irritate a dog's skin so wait at least 48 hours before bathing a second time Cut or tear holes in a plastic shopping bag for the dog's paws and head Use a kitchen- or yard-sized bag for larger breeds Carefully slip the bag over the dog's head and ease the front and WARNING! Skunk spray consists of the ejected contents of the animal's anal glands A freshly sprayed canine can transfer the scent to carpet furniture and anything else he brushes against The odor can cause nausea and dizziness in humans THANK YOU Discard the dog's collar or harness It will spread skunk odor to anything it touches and isn't worth the extensive offort it would take HAVE A NICE DAY to deodorize it back paws through the Skunks can carry rabies Examine your pet for bites holes How To GIVE A DoG CPR Position the dog on her side The back is better for barrel-chested breeds Make sure the dog is on a firm surface 2 Kneel next to the dog B Compress the chest For small dogs place your palm and fingertips over the ribs at the point where the elbow meets the chest Compress the chest approximately one inch twice per second Alternate every five compressions with one breath For medium to large dogs extend your elbows and cup your hands on top of each other Place hands over the ribs at the point where the dog's elbows meet the chest then compress it two to three inches two times per second Alternate every five com pressions with one breath For dogs that weigh more than 100 pounds compress the chest two or three inches once per second alternating every 10 compressions with a breath How To GET RiD oF SKUNK ODOR ON YOUR Doc Keep the dog outside 2 Flush the dog's eyes with water 4 Check for a hearthbeat 3 Change your clothes and remove jewelry The compound used to remove skunk odor 4 ric and in contact with metals irritate skin After one minute listen for a heartbeat If none is found continue with compressions discolor fab- can 4 Prepare special odor-removing wash Mix 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with 4 cup of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap Ingredients will bubble furiously when combined This quantity is suf- ficient for a medium-sized dog A larger canine may need To give artificial respiration tilt the dog's bead back place hand around the muzzle put your mouth over the nose and breathe into the dog's more 5 Apply mixture immediately Use the odor-removing compound while still foaming as this is when it is most effective Place dog in bathtub or outdoor tub and work mixture into fur avoiding mouth and cyes Leave for several minutes or until the foaming stops then rinse thoroughly Reapply if odor persists nose K YO A NICE novelty-gift-ideas Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook -$507 Meme











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