How a flawed criminal justice system put a pregnant Detroit activist behind bars by Tom Perkins April 02 2018 at 1037 AM comment <p><a href=httplovelyardietumblrcompost173718002277krungle-colionnoir-ra-who-is-pregnant class=tumblr_blog>lovelyardie<a><p> <blockquote><p><a href=httpkrungletumblrcompost173692650832colionnoir-ra-who-is-pregnant-sits-in class=tumblr_blog>krungle<a><p><blockquote> <p><a href=httpscolionnoirtumblrcompost173689971140ra-who-is-pregnant-sits-in-prison-where-she class=tumblr_blog>colionnoir<a><p> <blockquote> <p>Ra — who is pregnant — sits in prison where she faces the prospect of giving birth to her second child in June According to her attorneys she’s there because she brandished a registered firearm to defend herself her mother and her 2-year-old daughter from an attack by a woman who repeatedly tried hitting them with a car<br> ______<br> At the sentencing Michigan’s mandatory sentencing laws for crimes committed with a gun stripped the judge of any discretion That eliminated consideration for the incident’s circumstances Ra’s clean record her community work and other factors that should weigh into a sentence Ra’s attorneys stress that they don’t blame the judge — they fault the Michigan Legislature which passed the minimum sentence law in 1977<br> ______<br> Beyond that attorneys say that the jury appeared hurried to wrap up the case before a snowstorm hit made its decision while unaware of the two-year mandatory prison term and arrived at a contradictory verdict<br> _____<p> <p>And at her sentencing Ra spoke of the role she believes race played in the jury’s decision<br> ______<br> “The prosecutor convinced the jury and judge that I lacked fear and that’s not true” Ra said “I was so afraid especially for my toddler and mother I don’t believe they could imagine a black woman being scared — only mad”<br> ____<br> Link to the full story is in my profile section or go here <a href=httpswwwmetrotimescomnews-hitsarchives20180402how-a-flawed-criminal-justice-system-put-a-pregnant-detroit-activist-behind-bars>httpswwwmetrotimescomnews-hitsarchives20180402how-a-flawed-criminal-justice-system-put-a-pregnant-detroit-activist-behind-bars<a><p> <blockquote> <p>Let me get this straight A liberal activist uses an unloaded gun that she kept in her car’s glove-box to back off another woman that is committing vehicular assault against her her mother and her daughter Yet because the other person gets to the cops first Ra is automatically charged with the felony assault<p> <p>Now she is yelling ‘racism’ in a city that had black mayors for forty years and a majority black city council for 50 years and presently has a black police chief Yet she was charged and convicted under the laws these very liberal black people set into place and the lack of any mention of the jury make-up and considering Detroit’s racial demographics of over 70% black I seriously doubt the jury was loaded up with white people<p> <p>But she condemns the NRA for being silent when she stored a gun in her car’s glove-box while a 2 yo played in the car showing a lack of common sense in gun ownership But no it isn’t her poor gun handlingstoring it is the NRA is racist But then the NRA didn’t defend me either when I defended myself in my own home against a mentally ill sibling who forced their way into my house and beat me with a pipe and the reason the told me why is because I was not a card-carrying member<p> <p style=>Seems to me this liberal activist got exactly what she had voted for<p> <p>Stop yelling “racist!” and start voting conservative<br><p> <blockquote> <p>I honestly think when your sibling beat you with the pipe they beat the only 2 of your fucking IQ points out of your piece of shit brain because you honestly tried to conflate being a young black woman exercising both her first amendment and second amendment rights with being a criminal and tried to justify her unlawful imprisonment Lets not even mention how you willfully ignored how they are neglecting to provide her INNOCENT UNBORN CHILD with proper prenatal care especially since she is a high risk pregnancy But i guess you really don’t give two shits about that right? You have no idea who she voted for but I guess you really never learned the difference between inferring based on your own dumbass biases and actually confirming your findings So do us all a favor and go back to huffing some car exhaust would ya?<p><blockquote> Meme



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