ALL THE STYLES OF FOOD REPUBLIC FRENCH FRIES RANKED O WAFFLE FRIES C2 BELGIAN FRIES 3 TATER TOTS Potatoes cut on a corrugated Irregularly sliced double-fried Grated parboiled potatoes formed slicer rotated 90 degrees before potatoes served in a cone with into small nuggets and fried each slice to create a perforated mayonnaise and other condiments Potatoes evenly cut medium-thin Any cut of fries sprinkled with Potatoes sliced with a curly fry cutter or spiralizer and fried into SHOESTRING O CRINKLE-CUT CHEESE FRIES MATCH STICK Potatoes thick-cut Any style of fries with cheese slicer then sliced into wavy batons Potatoes sliced very thinly using a STEAK CHIPS BRITISH 12 SwEET Thick-cut fries usually double- Shorter potatoes POTATO FRIES fried to maximize crispness Any cut of fries made with sweet served with malt vinegar potatoes instead of russet or POTATO CHILI CHEESE COTTAGE FRIES WEDGES FRIES Potatoes thick-cut on a corrugated slicer and fried Potatoes cut into thick slices then Any cut of fries topped with chili cut on an angle to make triangular and melted cheese 16 POMMES POTATO TORNADO SOUFFLES Potatoes cut into thick rounds with a sliced medium thin and A whole potato and deep-fried hot oil then again sliced through to make hotter oil until they puff up anned out and deep FOOD REPUBLIC COM ILLUSTRATIONS BY MIKE HOUSTON AND NAOKO SAITO I LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY Meme











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