Hi guys I've noticed that it is International Men's Day today and I'm confused Why do we need a day to talk about men? We're not a marginalised group like women queer people or people of colour The media is already full of stories about men I'm glad you asked champ Whatever your view on men's place in society it's still true that we face a lot of issues- like social isolation risk of suicide health problems and attitudes towards sex and child rearing Having a day to talk about those doesn't take away from anyone else's problems In fact having a day to talk about them helps us be more mindful and listen better at other times The chief here is really on to something I want to echo what he said and also point out that the idea we should remain silent about our problems actually contributes to a lot of our issues We are human beings with human needs Seeking mutual support and understanding isn't the same thing as placing a burden on others Especially if we're providing it for each other Right on my fellow kings We've inherited a social legacy of competition and division and a lot of what makes a man in our era is under question IMD is a chance for us to examine and rethink what we are together and build the bonds of solidarity and support that will make a better way possible- like in this meme Because in our hearts we're all curious kids and buff guys on keyboards Peace Belated Happy International Men’s day Meme











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