HH NEWS RX15 PZF Porsche Is Reportedly Cooking Up A 40-litre Cayman GT4 RS Via @carthrottlenews - As much as we love the Porsche Cayman GT4 you still get the nagging sense it was held back ever so slightly - Here was a Cayman that had at last been given the engine it deserves in the form of the 38-litre flat six from the 911 Carrera S But Porsche still chose to knock 10bhp off the output before dropping it into the Cayman as some sort of reminder that the 911 is top dog despite the ‘lesser’ car having the optimum mid-engine layout But no matter as Porsche is apparently about to make A Cayman that’s even more powerful - According to reports in both Auto Express and Autocar the incoming facelifted 911 GT3 - which will have a manual gearbox option by the way - will use the 40-litre flat-six seen in the GT3 RS and R potentially with the same 493bhp if not more So what has that got to do with the Cayman? Well both publications are also reporting that - according to their sources - that same 40-litre flat-six will make it into a Cayman ‘GT4 RS’ - Porsche admits the previous GT4 was far more popular than expected so a follow-up of sorts makes sense And with the 718 Cayman S being considerably quicker than its predecessor a GT4 RS is going to need a lot of poke to sufficiently elevate it from the rest of the range - 718 powertrain chief Matthias Hofstetter told us last year that packaging restrictions would make installing the 911 Carrera’s new turbocharged straight-six impossible without massive changes so the retuned RS 40-litre N-A makes sense It wouldn’t have as much power as the GT3 and GT3 RS of course since that’d cause all sorts of problems for the track-focused 911s But if it gets the 430 or so bhp figure speculated by Autocar it’d do what the last GT4 didn’t go beyond the Carrera S in terms of power - A small Cayman with a really sorted chassis and a screaming 40-litre engine? Assuming this all happens that’ll be one hell of a car Meme








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