he constellations visible at a certain time of the year are those stellations that are in opposition to the sun A constellation is to the sun when it is on the side of the sky facing the the earth while the sun is shining 5070 th Because the earth is revolving around the sun the constellation opposition change through the year We see the sun in differers on the other side of the oppasition side of NGC 8992 ht NGC 6960 NeG ussr month by month stellations he carth rotates around its own axis every 24 hours The effect of t ptation is that from our point of view we see the heavenly bod hoving across the sky from east to west It seems to us that the sun a he moon rise in the east and set in the west Stars are found all c he sky They too follow the same general apparent motion from pwest Stars at all latitudes move through their own westward pa n the Philippines which is near the equator this east to west mo f the stars across the night sky is more observable 108 CIRCUMPOLAR CONSTELLATIONS MOTIONS OF THE STARS AND ONSTELLATION ast and sets in the west The and sets in the west The The full moon rises in the east at nd constellations too rise in thee I celestial bodies rising in the ea Polaris is our north star directly above the earth's axis at the north Because of this position of Polaris the stars and constellation see otate around Polaris and are always visible at night The circum onstellations are Ursa Major Ursa Minor Perseus Lynx Draco perspective in the Philippines we always s he Camel From our borizon This value corresponds to our latitude Polaris never sets at various locations around Polaris Ifa camera shutter is kept c circular paths of the stars are recorded on a photograph ast h stars and constellations A sky moving from the east to be a celestial sphere around s slowly moving around the vith this celestial sphere heir evening positions A ave moved We see then ky observer the visible Summer Spring Fall that are at the easteni North Star re overhead by midn stellation is overhe stern horizon to set kies will set in a f Winter Our Science book just made one of the coolest swastikas Meme











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