HD Webcom HON HD Video Conferencing Prac Word Review View Help Tell me what you want to do References Mailings Aa 2 T aA = AaBbCcDc AaBbC AaBbCcD AaBb Heading T No Spac T Normal Style1 Styles Paragraph Did your findings reflect your hypothesis explain? The aim was to find the initial ray of incidence on the resulting angles of refraction and incidence my hypothesis predicted that the less direct the beam of light was hitting the rectangular prism the larger the angle of incidence will be My hypothesis was correct and the trials show that but since it was not related to the aim my hypothesis is irrelevant What can you determine from your table of results? Which results were similar My results show that when the beam of light is hitting the normal before it enters the medium the angle of incidence is larger than the angle of refraction but when the light leaves the prism the angle of refraction is larger than the angle of incidence this shows that light slows down as it enters the medium Explain in detail the effect that refraction has on spearfishing the bending of a pencil in water the twinkling of stars or the variation of the size of the sun midday compared to sunrise or sunset Since a medium can alter the angles of light entering or exiting a medium it can change the apparent position of an object For example if a person was spearfishing and there was a fish below the water the fish can appear to be in a different position then where it really is Hey if I can stop procrastinating and do my homework then you can too! Meme











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