halleregina Okay now that I've finally quit Denny's let me tell you guys about the bizarre fucking otherworld it is The music and the room temperature are controlled by corporate Corporate plays a lot of pop covers of Disney princess songs I've never heard before I now have a dance routine to the K-Pop sounding version of Let it Go Our sign flickered fast and red and demonically for a week and the repairman said he couldn't find anything wrong with it People did drug deals in like broad daylight in the middle of the parking lot multiple times a week It's open 247 We had a backup generator none of us knew about until there was a massive storm one night and we looked out to see a tree knocked over and our lights the only thing on for miles You could weather the apocalypse with no idea the apocalypse was even happening Regular customers included A man convinced the chemtrails are real who gave me six separate pieces of literature on the subject A little person named Kevin who told me sometimes I call myself a dwarf when I'm feeling whimsical An actual group of Neo-Nazis An actual Earth Wind and Fire cover band they played for us o Twins who came in separately on the same day and I thought they were one woman changing outfits rapidly for the longest time A Scottish landscaper who told us we couldn't prove he doesn't know Simon Pegg I have more these are just off the top of my head halleregina I can't believe I forgot two line cooks got into a really heated argument about whether Vin Diesel is bisexual or not I asked an elderly man if he wanted to use the AARP discount and he said No I'm not a socialist Meme







Vin Diesel

Earth Wind and Fire



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