goosegoblin theramseyloft jurassicjenday theramseyloft tinysaurus-rex iwilltrytobereasonable cant-hug-every-human thedeadofflandersfields Pigeon steals poppies from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Australian War Memorial Canberra Australia in order to build a nest beside a stained glass window @birdblogwhichisforbirds @snitling EXACTLY This is two pigeons pigeons nest in bonded pairs notice the first one is checked and its mate on the nest is barred Usually they don’t make nests nearly so big but I guess if you have the materials go for it The nest is so unusually big because the vast majority is a platform to keep the actual nest just that tiny ring in the corner around the bird sitting in it cushioned from the anti bird spikes This is a work of beautiful defiance Using the very thing installed to make just a moment’s rest impossible as structural supports for an immovably stable nursery The symbolism achieved by these pigeons is better than some writers can hope for and I love it! From the nest on the bird repellent spikes to the fact that those spikes are along the stained glass windows of a church a place associated with sanctuary and compassion The fact that the nest is made of stolen poppies for remembrance day hits the hardest though Of the 54 animals to be awarded the Dickin Medal for acts of gallantry during WW2 32 of them were pigeons These were messengers who flew through battlefields and across borders many of whom were killed or severely injured by enemy forces including gunfire and trained falcons Many of their achievements saved the lives of hundreds of soldiers and yet now their descendants are faces with anti-bird spikes shooting and poisoning in an attempt to rid the cities from the rats with wings I love this picture because it feels like they’re taking back just a little bit of that credit owed to them Reblogging for this beautiful addition ID three colour photographs The first shows a pigeon holding a fake poppy in its teeth standing on a marble surface The second shows a nest made of hundreds of fake poppies cushioning a sitting pigeon from the anti-bird spikes below The final photo is a zoomed-out picture of the nest showing many stained glass windows surrounding it Meme











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