Google ilya kuvshinov KUVSHINOV LYA only-a-spoon-full porko-rosso liloloveyou024 porko-rosso ghoulvalentines windycube fuugore quietgirl556 re-dye dirtgay dirtgay dirtgay i hate this dude with a burning passion its just the same girl all over again hes some russian dude who lives in japan n everyone thinks this is dope but like its all the exact same piece he makes a living out of this this is what he makes per week for drawing the same anime girl over and over again yall really think this is dope meanwhile artists who actually put effort and thought into their art and dont just draw barely legal looking anime girls struggle to get food I’m not particularly fond or interested in his art but hating an artist just because heshe made it is just sad He found a niche for himself and apparently a lot of people seem to enjoy it I applaud the fact that so many are willing to support the “free” art scene as it is and I’m sure there is a niche for you as well Instead of being silly and hating on some dude on the internet direct your spare energy to something useful focus on honing your skills That’s the sole difference between him and you Bitch this is one of my favorite artist fucking catch these hands how bitter yall have to be to shit on this artist for having found an audience maybe try focus on something else besides being this petty at someone elses success “support independent artists!!1 except this one bc I don’t like them” lmfao I hate this website Did OP ever recover from this? To add more salt in OP’s wound There’s gonna be an anime movie in 2020 where the artist above is the movie’s Visual Designer So ”> I mean he draws a very aesthetically pleasing anime girl He’s a proud dad who loves making art of his art daughter Meme











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