gnabrie stuff that happened in the past decade cloudrexx f @cloud_rexx April 2010 The first iPad came out September 201O Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the VMAS March 2011 Rebecca Black's Friday was released April 2011 Millions tuned in to watch a royal wedding cloudrexx f @cloud_rexx May 2011 Everyone was planking – everywhere July 2011 We said goodbye to Harry Potter March 2012 Kony 2012 went viral July 2012 Gangnam Style became the most-watched video ever cloudrexx @ @cloud_rexx December 2012 People thought the world would end February 2013 The Harlem Shake went viral April - July 2013 Everyone learned The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect September 2013 What Does the Fox Say became a YouTube sensation March 2014 An airplane disappeared 3 cloudrexx Ô @cloud_rexx July-August 2014 Everyone was doing the Ice Bucket Challenge February 2015 The internet had a heated debate over a dress February 2015 Apple released racially-diverse emojis June 2015 Same-sex marriage became legal in the US cloudrexx Ô @cloud_rexx February 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar May 2016 Harambe became an internet phenomenon July 2016 The world went crazy over Pokémon Go October 2016 The Vine app shut down January 2017 Millions attended the Women's March 3 cloudrexx Ô @cloud_rexx May-June 2017 Everyone was playing with fidget spinners August 2017 We experienced a total solar eclipse October 2017 The #MeToo movement took off January 2018 There was a false missile warning in Hawaii 3 cloudrexx Ô @cloud_rexx May 2018 There was another royal wedding October 2018 A Banksy painting self-destructed January 2019 The most diverse class of lawmakers in history was sworn into Congress April 2019 We got the first-ever photo of a black hole thyrell reading this post feels like doing 90 in a 35 zone neshatriumphs Honestly I thought that this decade seemed so long because I stopped binge drinking everyday in 2009 but like It's really been a lot of shit huh? Source gnabrie 152524 notes Decade Meme





Harry Potter




Lady Gaga

Leonardo DiCaprio

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