GMP Wigan East 7 December at 1335 Wigan East WANTED PERSON Caylan Clossick 18yrs is wanted by the police If you have any information as to his whereabouts please contact 101 Like CommenShare 16543 people like this 25234 shares Top Comments Brad Smith Found him down the nuts n bolts Isle in BnQ Like Reply 53836 Yesterday at 0939 878 Replies 2 mins lan Christopher He was looking through the plane window on my flight to Spain last week Like Reply- 55548 Yesterday at 0243 1350 Replies 2 mins Tez Taylor They cant get near him He hears them coming a mile away Like Reply 27072 7 December at 1430 Edited 127 Replies 19 mins David Fields How u gonna catch someone that can fly Like Reply 26515 7 December at 1711 158 Replies 10 mins Jack Straughan He has left traces of his whereabouts in the metro centre Like Reply- 31004 Yesterday at 1315 194 Replies 8 mins Reece Emanuel Its okay hes not on the run Master gave him a sock Like Reply 16321 Yesterday at 1346 Edited 400 Replies 4 mins Barry Lomax I'm just ear for the comments Like Reply 38291 7 December at 2211 240 Replies 11 mins Will Vennard When your 10 minutes into Dumbo and chill and he gives you X this look Like Reply 21422 23 hrs 390 Replies 10 mins Jack Winrow New Can you not pick him up on your radio with them badboys? Like Reply- 11436 7 December at 1621 38 Replies 1 hr Nathan Edwards His parents were unavailable for comment Like Reply 07211 17 hrs Edited 62 Replies 41 mins Andy Mann How many pencils could you fit behind one of them Like Reply 8863 7 December at 2322 73 Replies 6 mins Brent Kilner Last knows whereabouts orbiting the earths atmosphere Like Reply 7895 21 hrs 120 Replies 27 mins Andrew Keiller With the wind we've been having recently this lad could be anywhere Like Reply 6467 Yesterday at 0937 Edited 106 Replies 3 mins hoesnevergetcold thagoodthings vbdul rudegyalchina Bruh Y they just flame him lmfao I ain’t gon lie tho I ain’t never seen white ppl cook someone like this who knew white ppl had it in them Meme











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