German shepherd pup Dr Smashlove Men my advice to u is be specific U gotta understand if yo girl send a selfie u could say something u think is sweet you pretty baby you beautiful wow your boobs look big I like it that Yes it that U motherfuckers so dry that u done dehydrated your grammar and syntax and have rendered them nonsensical Straight up Sahara Desert level reply game She might not reply to your dry-ass reply but she thinking wow you can fuck right off with your sandpaper dry ass Give her a lil specificity that applies to how she looks in particular and emphasizes a unique feature baby your thighs - so toned yet so soft perfect and inviting - leave work and come wrap those around my face let Daddy get a taste Keep it sexy and dirty If her Punani taste good tell her Describe it Listen to your palette Same way u be at work dinners and it's always that one asshole Pete who's like this wine has oaky notes with a peppery overtone ☺️ it's spoiled grape juice shut your whore mouth PETE πŸ˜€ I let a girl know her flavor notes If her Punani taste like cookie dough soft serve ice cream drizzled in warm caramel with sweet chewy gum drops on top smothered in whip cream and then two Maraschino cherries on top of that I tell her Oh baby ur juice tastes good <- Bruh y'all become illiterate when it come time to talk sweet to your girl Be descriptive I mean keep it G and exercise proper restraint but be playful Or don't keep it G and don't exercise restraint like me ☺️ With me every shot is a direct shot 🏹 I'm liable to just be like Let me make sweet passionate unprotected love to you in the missionary position and then when I'm done I'll hold your legs up and pinch the Punani shut to ensure fertilization πŸ‘Ά <- I don't recommend this course of action It work for me because I'm not right in the head and people know that 😩 For the rest of y'all I recommend using your words and focusing on her one-of-a-kind attributes Make her blush U get me! BLESS UP πŸ–€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Meme

Bless up



German Shepherd







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