Game of Thrones Complete Series Digital Copy+BD Blu-ray Customer reviews Gu NS by Various 21 out of 5 Format Blu-ray Change Price $19999Free shipping with Amazon Prime 16 customer ratings kneelers WTF 5 star 14% 0% 4 star 3 star 21% 2 star 10% Write a review 1 star 55% Jason Wood Crap July 10 2019 Format Blu-ray What an awesome show that was literally wrecked by sloppy lazy piss poor writing in the final season that undermined everything that came before it I gave away the first seven seasons of Blu-ray and all the figurines I had purchased 34 people found this helpful Report abuse Helpful 3 comments Dyeace AAn Does this come without season 8? August 23 2019 Format Blu-ray Please fire D&D Hollywood They ruined GOT 22 people found this helpful 1 comment Helpful Report abuse Viper187 nnn No excuse for not having a UHD version November 8 2019 Format Blu-ray Bad enough they ruined the final season They had 2 years to prep UHD prints of the first 7 seasons while making the 8th but only released 1 so far Helpful Comment Report abuse Sensei_Tim AA Brilliant show until it wasn't anymore October 7 2019 Format Blu-ray Do yourself a BIG favor Skip this set with the insulting abomination of a final season purchase a 7 season set and just pretend Season 8 never happened It's better that way That final season wasn't even just a failure it was like a calculated assassination of a work of art It was permanently damaging insult to millions of devoted fans who followed this series for NINE YEARS just to see it crumble into rushed lazy careless incoherent haphazard senseless rubbish in its final season because the greedy soulless showrunners wanted to move on to Star Wars instead of giving their existing series a proper ending And it's ironic because now they've signed on with Netflix and likely won't be producing any Star Wars anyways But thank goodness for that 17 people found this helpful 2 comments Helpful Report abuse JMN AAn Great up unitl season 7 and 8 November 30 2019 Format Blu-ray Disclaimer I read all the books so far And wow I was not disappointed with how the seasons progressed The character's story arc when they weren't brutally killed was fantastic until season 7 and 8 Season 7 and 8 just seemed like a different story both in the art of the writing and in the overall story To say the story was butchered by a couple of hacks would be kind Seasons 1 though 6 are fantastic so I have it another star just for those but had to take it away because the story wasn't killed in Season 7 & 8 - it was murdered Comment Report abuse Helpful Top positive review See all 2 positive reviews Mr K J Rutherford Fandoms are TOXIC self-important shameful cesspools September 9 2019 it ended on a whimper and you rate it 5 stars?? Game of Thrones one of the most unique complex character-driven expensive beautifully shot TV shows of all time ended on a whimper and so you fookin kneeler!!! the crazy fandom especially online fandom decided to sabotage it's previous greatness by down voting every single thing that allows viewer ratings because apparently that's a reasonable way to rate something Just because the show hurt your feelings??? This mentality is not normal and it's why I hate being a fan of movies and TV Read more Complete box set reviews on amazon Meme


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