- frankie@shootinglovemp31d Audrey Hepburn starved bc Nazis cut off food supplies and as a teen she aided the resistance to fight Nazis She would be sickened by you MC @_Lord_MC The beautiful Audrey Hepburn Our white ladies are stunning and the worlds most beautiful women Leftists triggered witchaj cumbler-tumbler belleandwhistle nibsthefitmermaid antiracistfeministanarchy neveria kiwianaroha She took up acting because the malnutrition she suffered under the nazis permanently damaged her health and prevented her from pursuing her dream to be a ballerina During the war she danced to raise money for the resistance - even though she was literally starving she used what strength she had to make sure more nazis got shot She and her mom also denounced their royal heritage because of the Nazis in their family Also Audrey was a humanitarian until her death though ill with cancer she continued her work for UNICEF travelling to Somalia Kenya the United Kingdom Switzerland France and the United States These are things I literally never would have known about I’m tired of women being painted as just being pretty I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE HER AT AN OLDER AGE I SWEAR! Here’s another nice one For the longest time I assumed she had died really young because I never saw any pictures of her at an older age She was an amazing woman I’m glad this turned from gross embarrassing neo-Nazis into a wholesome direction Meme











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