- FornhubForReal score hidden 3 hours ago* Capitalism is the embodiment of freedom Sadly humanity cannot deal with that freedom Edit I think you deleted your comment while I answered just wanted to clarify my position I think this black and white thinking is the real issue here There are enough examples in our world who combine elements of both ideas into a working system Capitalism and socialism are no opposites even though many people seem to think that Pure capitalism thank you Adam Smith IS the embodiment of freedom a self-regulating machine of people who can decide for themselves what they do and what they want But because many people are not able or not interested in informing themselves and are easy to manipulate governments need to create rules and oversight mechanisms to fight and prevent exploitation and corruption as well as social programs to guarantee a certain level of welfare for even the last citizen Sadly the American elite is too greedy to change anything and misuses the basic idea of capitalism to exploit others Hope you now understand what I wanted to say permalink embed save parent report give award REPLY - FornhubForReal score hidden 51 minutes ago Every societal theory suffers from that issue That is what people need to understand It is not capitalism that is bad It is not communism that is bad Not socialism and not even dictatorship It is power hungry people with questionable morals and what they make of it that makes it bad We do not need to change the system we need to change the people - Vlipfire 1 point 20 hours ago No wealth doesn't create more wealth Cars are an example of wealth that depreciates Investment can create more wealth You can turn 100 into 110 in the same time as your other example Those growths are investments and have inherent risk As for the class divide would you rather have 50% of 100$ or 1% of 1000000? My issue with all of the replies I have got is that you all seem incredibly selfish and whiney Bezos has so much he doesnt need that we should steal it and give it to others me if you want more then work for it come up with a new idea contribute to society by adding convenience or innovation That is how capitalism rewards ANYONE! In that way it is a perfectly fair system By the way you are using old money argument against aristocracy and then pointing to new money people who created all of their wealth through innovation investments and savvy deals There may have been some shady things too but largely it was created wealth that did not exist before - vlipfire -4 points 22 hours ago Wealth can be created through human ingenuity Bezos has built the backbone of the internet in AWS which has allowed others to create many many jobs and other sources of wealth There are time saving things for all sorts of people you used to only be able to read when you were sitting down with a book Now someone will read to you while you drive You can be cooking and ask a device to look up a recipe without having to clean off your hands Don't get caught up looking up and saying it's not fair that he has all that and I don't Capitalism is inherently the most fair system in that you get whatever value you are able to produce In reality there are loopholes and exploitable situations and those should be regulated but that is a bit besides the point When looking at the wealth gap don't forget to look at how much more wealth and convenience the people with 1% have than they used to In the last 300 years extream global poverty has dropped from 97% to 9% in the USA that dropped from 78% to 35% If you are unhappy with your life and you want change by all means advocate for change And if you know of a better method then we should all be listening but Marxism is an understandable false view on labor and production Ask yourself this if socialism was the right answer why has capitalism been so successful The trick is humans are not perfect and socialism requires everyone be virtuous Capitalism requires that people are selfish to work properly Because people are not perfect capitalism is a better system in reality I am not under the illusion I'll change your mind but I appreciate you trying to rationalize your opinion rather than calling me an idiot like most in this sub when I Express a contrarian opinion T- FornhubForReal 1 point 18 hours ago I think if everyone would be thinking about that as we do capitalism would work wonderfully We are aware of the dangers it brings and the social inequalities it can cause and have the moral compass necessary to stop those from happening But the people who destroy our society the ultra rich will be there in any system and will exploit any Do you think money does not rule in real world applications of other ideologies? It definitely does That's what I wanted to say The reason for all the issues is not the system but the people who exploit it * - FornhubForReal 1 point 17 hours ago I think a mix of both would work just fine My primary issue with socialism can be found on a smaller scale Is it fair that a doctor earns more than construction worker? Or a CEO? I think so because their work requires a lot more skills and they have to carry much more responsibility And I think state owned companies are no solution either because history shows us that that mostly ended in exploitation of everyone instead of nobody I think the relations are just off I have no issue with people setting up businesses and profiting off of those But people don't need to get super rich That's why high taxing on those people and companies is important to fund working social security systems Workers should organize in unions much more The issue I see is that one should definitely give more power to the people The US voting system is undemocratic In my opinion a presidential democracy unifies too much power in one person A working democracy needs plurality and a working democracy is needed to enforce the necessary changes One would need to change the rewrite the constitution and that in itself should be impossible Defense of capitalism bruh Also centrism Meme










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