followthebluebell: roane72: mapelie: everythingfox: Mission failed Ummm. Abort. The yawn is what kills me. “Oh. Yeah, i was gonna take a nap. So sleepy honkshoo.” This is a really good example of appeasement behavior in cats.  The kitten wants to play, but stops because the older cat has their ears back.  Kitten backs down to show a loss of interest— at that point, you can see the older cat blink slowly.  This is one of the ways cats demonstrate trust and understanding.   The kitten turns away, to further cement a lack of interest in playtime at the moment.  The kitten lies down slowly, occasionally looking to the older cat for more approval.  Finally, the little yawn at the end isn’t to go ‘i’m sleepy’, but rather as a calming signal.  Cats consider sleeping to be a communal activity.  By settling down and imitating the older cat, the younger cat is displaying ‘yes, I understand Now Is Not Playtime, we’re cool, right?’