cleoselene: lord-blongus: scp2008: amuzed1: saito-91: thenamesdiondra: cynosurecosplay: batter-sempai: sueanoi: pardonmewhileipanic: bankuei: meqabitch: theryanproject: futureblackpolitician: cloacacarnage: i know its the mets, but this is the coolest shit i’ve ever seen a human being do Wtf???? Smoove with it too  This is the kind of shit you see in anime that shows that a certain character is stronger than other characters.  “Pathetic.  You can’t even hold the bat you dare step to the plate? Have you no respect for the sport?” reminds me of this gif Baseball players are to be feared Reblogging for the last one ^Same for me They just kept getting progressively more “woah” much woah Oh my god this is a lucky universe every time this post comes around, my favorite part is the “I know it’s the Mets” qualifier at the beginning lmao like how baseball that this zillion note posts starts with “sorry for putting this hellteam on your dash, bUT”