Finland Sweden Iceland Russia Norway United Kingdom Canada Poland Germanyraine Kazakhstan France Mongolia Spain Italy orth acific cean United States North Turkey China South Korea Atlantic Ocean Afghanistan aq rnkistan Algeria Libya Egyp Mexico i Arabia India Thailand Mali Niger Nigeria Ethiopia zuela DR Congo Kenya Indonesia Papua New Guinea Tanzania Brazil Peru Angola h Namibia Indian Ocean Botswana Madagascar South Pacific Ocean South Atlantic Ocean Australia Chile South Africa Argentina New Zealand shitshilarious queerqueerspawn james-tiqueerius queerqueerspawn glampersand glowcloud kittiesinqueerland robalyn the highlighted area is where Jason Derulo knows what the girls want london to taiwan new york to haiti greenland is right out ummm no offense but new york to haiti should be measured as the area between the two latitudes not the longitudes this graph is incorrect and vastly underestimates the total region of the earth in which Jason Derulo knows what the girls want Even measuring that way Greenland remains right out as does the entirity of Brazil Have we considered measuring by neither latitude nor longitude but in all area that would extend perpendicular from the diagonal of the two places?There are many different interpretations of the data and until more is available we ought not conclude anything at this point In light of that I posit this alternative map of regions where Jason Derulo is potentially claiming where he knows what girls want As we can see if we assume that model the vast majority of the area where Jason Derulo knows what girls want is either open ocean the Atlantic the Mediterranean Sea or sparsely populated the northern Sahara the northern Arabian Desert various desert portions of Iran and Afghanistan and the southern Tibetan Plateau Four of the ten most populated countries on the planet have no territory in it Nigeria Brazil Japan and Indonesia and two which do have relatively little territory in it the US and Russia It is suggested that for all his boasting Jason Derulo does not know what a probable majority of the world’s girls want Perhaps Jason Derulo’s intention was never to proclaim to be omnipotent to the interests of the female gender Perhaps he was instead expressing his humanity or the limits of his knowledge I applaud Jason Derulo Jason Derulo is not just another 2 dimensional character Jason Derulo has depthJason Derulo has limitations and has come to terms with them Jason Derulo knows Jason Derulo Thats why he makes it a point to say his name so much Meme



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